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Ampiomach AcademyEdit

Ampiomach Academy is a school for students between the age of 12-19. It's main focus is to teach children to become the next generation of gym leaders. It was founded in 1843, and is still running to this day.


Ampiomach was first founded in 1843 by a Proffeser Octavius of Almia. The whole Academy was comprised of one building, known today as the Old Building.

In 1910, a student was killed in a blast of electricity from the sky on Christmas Eve. This is one of the two deaths which occured in the Academy.

In 1951, Adam Lustree attended the school, later becoming the Champion of the Elite Four, and, in 1964, the Headmaster of the school. Soon after, many students which soon became famouse after attended the school, such as Darrius Duke, Lobo Vellian, Madaleine Francois, Byron Barrett and Jeremy Trinket. Of all 6 mentioned students, only two recived a Gym, and only one is still active in the League.

In 1973, Miss Voiant, a History teacher, was murdered by the Science Teacher, Proffeser Null, in a bid to take the Griseous Orb to give to Giratina, who was preparing to reverse reality itself to create a second Disortion World. Null's plans were foiled by Darrius, Lobo, and Madaleine.

The next year, Madaleine vanished, and Darrius was held under suspicion for murder. He was later proved inocent, and released.

Years into the future, Darrius returned to the Academy, this time as A History Teacher. He aided Cynthia Lumiere in her bid to graduate, and gave her her second Pokemon, a Riolu. Duke later ascended to positon of Headmaster after the retirement of Adam Lusttree.


In 2010, many students, amongst them Donovan Duke, Jacob Grey, Mila Feye, Kayumi Daiku and Yuki Mame joined the school. The incidents of the Terra Lord happened in this year.