Donovan Simon Duke Edit

Donovan Duke, more commonly known as Dono or Puddlefoot, is a student of Ampiomach Academy. His first Pokemon was a Poliwag. Dono has a Multiple Personality Disorder, which he has a fair amount of control over, and is a phsycic.


Age- 14

Gender- Male

Birthday- June 3rd 1997

Type- Water

Eye color- Blue

Hair color- Blue

Trainer class- Student

Family- Roger, Kathrine, Alex, Claudia, Darrius, Anselm, Kev

History Edit

Donovan was born in Twinleaf Town, to Roger and Kathrine Duke. He recieved a brother and sister one year later. As a child, Dono fascinated himself in collecting items and selling them to other pre-school children. He became friends with Alvin Tang at the age of 6, and they have remained firm companions ever since. As children, they promised each other that Dono would stick to books, Alvin to girls. They both later broke these promises. At the age of ten, he recieved his first Pokemon from his Uncle, Darrius, and bonded with Poliwag very quickly.

At Ampiomach Edit

At Ampiomach, the first thing Dono concerned himself with was his Buisness, Puddlefoot's Knick Knacks and Know How, and setting traps for teachers. He was imediatly put on detention for selling out sachets of Chocolate Powder for School Breakfasts. Before his first class, he was tripped by a couple of Diggletts, prompting him to hate them forever. Later still, four Digletss buried up from under his chair, abducting it. {C During his first Abilities class, his Poliwag got into a fight with Gravelers and Golems which had invaded the P.E hall. For the rest of class, Dono remained shaken.

A few weeks later, an incident happened where Dono was hospitalized due to his previously-unknown allergy to Grotle. However, he made his way to his uncle's office to collect a new Pokemon, in this case a Tynamo. The Tynamo electrocuted him, worsening Dono's condition. He was slapped over the head, and called a 'Baka', Japanese for idiot. The slap caused Dono to fall down a steep flight of stairs, and sent him into a spasm. After some analasys, the nurse in the infirmary reported it was a bad idea to ever say Baka around him.

A month passed. After many events involving Nathan Jones dating Yuki Mame, who Dono had developed a crush on, he left into the Forest, and was kidnapped by a Garchomp. After a week of having being kept underground, Dono escaped, horribly injured and malnourished, on Halloween Night. Garchomp, pursuing after him, was defeated by Dono's father's partner, Monkey. It was this night that Dono confessed his love to Yuki, and they started dating.

{C On Christmas Eve, Yuki broke up with him, causing Dono to stay in his room for a while before trashing the whole dorm with his new-found phsycic powers, and teleported away. Later, Alvin entered the the Magma Cavern in which Dono had teleported himself away to. Humming to the tune Donovan was playing on the panpipes, Alvin acidentaly uttered 'Baka', sending Donovan into a spasm. When Dono awoke, his personality whad altered completely, turning him to a more Shakesperean version of himself. Dono disapeared into the woods, and stayed there all day. That night, during the Christmas Ball, Donovan caught sight of a Mamoswine aproaching the Coluseam, and rushed in to warn everyone. The Mamoswine entered, defeated all of Donovan's Pokemon, and broke every single bone in his left side, before finally being caputured by Duke.

The next day, Alvin and Dono experimented with Dono's new personalitys, revealing he had a lover, boffin, Cowboy, Shakesperean and rhyming personality. {C He spent the next month in the Mystery Dungeon World, where he was healed by Audino Hospital.

He played a huge part of the Galactic Siege, helping to destroy the base from inside.

In June, Dono was the one who mustered everyone together together to help save the Teachers from the Terra Lord. When they were fighting Groudon, Dono was statufied as much of the others were. He sent his mind to the Astral Plane, and Possesed Groudon, causing Groudon to send everyone back out of the volcano, and Groudon to sink underground. There was a moment of doubt in wether Dono's mind survived the process, but it was quickly revealed that he had possesed Alvin to keep his mind from being destroyed. His personalitys, other than normal and boffin, were resseted, replaced by a Happy, Sad, Angry and Internet Personality.

Personality Edit

Due to Donovan's Multiple Personality disorder, Dono can be quite different depending on what you've done/said to him earlier. Normally, however, Dono is a popular sort of Nerd, who enjoys pranking others and selling items. He can be a bit of a sore loser, but regardless, many people seem to enjoy his company, if not consider him a bit weird.

Phsycic Powers Edit

Dono has a variety of Powers, including Possesion, Telekinisis, Mind Reading, Teleportaion, Shielding and others.

Team Edit

Pond the Poliwhirl Male Special Move: Metronome Fave Attack: Hypnosis/Hydro Pump/Metronome

Ninja the Dewott Male No Special Moves. Fave Attack: Razor Shell

Wopper the Gyarados Male No Special Moves Fave Attack: Hyper Beam

Relic the Carracosta Male Special Move: Earthquake Fave Move: Earthquake

Zappster the Eelektrik Male No special Move Fave Move: Thunder

Marley the Simipour Male No Special Move Fave Move: Scald


ThemThereDiglettsShipping: Dono x Mila (non-canon)

SpinTheBottleShipping: Dono x Yuki (once canon, now non-canon)


SplooshInTheRiverShipping: Dono x Summer (non-canon)

YouKnowNothingShipping: Dono x Rose (non-canon)

LolI'mOnATrainShipping: Dono x Camille (non-canon)