Pre-roleplay eventsEdit

  • 1843- Academy built near Pastoria by Proffeser Octavius
  • 1910- Boy killed by freak lightning at the school
  • 1951- Adam Lustree attends Ampiomach
  • 1964- Adam Lustree becomes Headmaster of School
  • 1973- Darrius Duke, Madaleine Francois, Lobo Vellian, Byron Barrett and David Palmer attend Ampiomach
  • 1973- Miss Voiant, History Teacher, is murdered,
  • 1974- Lobo, Darrius and Madaleine foil Proffeser Null's attempt in joining the Disortion and Real World
  • 1975- Madaleine Francois disapears, Darrius held under suspicion of Murder, later proved innocent.
  • 1992- Duke returns to Ampiomach, gets job as History Teacher, Cynthia Lumiere attends Academy
  • 1995- Duke Becomes Head Master
  • June 3, 1997: Donovan Duke is born.
  • June 16, 1997: Kyla Koufax is born.

Year 1Edit

  • September 1st, 2010- First day of school.
  • 2nd- Golem invade Cafeteria, line of Digletts go in an infinite line into the Forest
  • Some Time in October- Garchomp Kidnaps Donovan Duke
  • 31st October- Halloween incident- Dono gets free, Garchomp attacks school and is defeated
  • 24th December- Christmas Incident- Mamoswine attacks school, crushes Dono
  • 25th December- Darrius, Edwin, Dono, Yuki and Alvin go to Mystery Dungeon world
  • 21st January 2011- Duke's 50th Birthday, Field Trip to Mt. Coronet, Regice Attacks
  • 22nd- Duke's Birthday Tournament
  • 23rd- Galactic Siege, Transform's death, Cynthia versus Duke
  • 14th Feburary- Valentines Battle, Ampiomach's Ground Types versus everyone else
  • June 20th: Field trip to Relic Castle, the students encounter Team Plasma and N. Later, the teachers disappear.
  • June 21st: The students go after the missing teachers, only to find them turned to stone. The Terra Lord, Groudon, attacks the students, but is defeated thanks to Donovan Duke's posession powers.
  • July 1st: Last day of school. Prof. Duke made a speech, and the Academy theme was sung.